Weekend Wrap-Up. Part 1.

Nov 7, 2011

Well folks. This weekend I went home to my parents for the weekend. They live about an hour and a half outside of St. Louis in a small town (we are talking population 200), it's where I grew up, and I love going back to enjoy the simple things when I get a chance. I often miss being close to my family, but I would have too far of a commute to work if I lived out there.

I relaxed, spent time with friends, ate some home cooking, got a haircut (and added a pink feather to my do), and went to a baby shower. Here are a few pictures via instagram of my weekend.
Sunset on my drive home.
Fire Place blazing.
Yard full of leaves.

The adorable cake from the baby shower. This makes me want to take cake decorating classes at Michael's. The lady who made this learned there, and I am very impressed.

Yummy dinner of beef stew via mom's home cooking. I made sure to bring back leftovers.

I ended my weekend by heading back to my place and watching Crazy Stupid Love with my roomie. Very good movie, I recommend watching it. It will leave you inspired to find your one true soul-mate.

Stay tuned for Part 2. I had too many pics to cram into one post.


  1. sounds like a great weekend!
    that cakes looks awesome! i should look into those classes...

  2. thats so great thatyou can just drive home for a weekend! it must be great to be so close. my parents are a six hour flight away and sometimes i wish i could just go home from a sunday meal :)


  3. Jessica, it sure was. I can't wait to hit up a cake decorating class nearby soon.
    Elisabeth, yes I guess I should feel lucky even though an hour and a half often seems too far.


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