4 of 15 // Katie's Pizza and Pasta

Mar 19, 2015

Recently I met a friend for happy hour at Katie's Pizza and Pasta, another on my 15 in 15 list.

We sat at the bar and ordered some Modern Brews (a local STL Brewery) while we waited for our food. I had tried Modern beer right when they were starting their operations, at the Strange Donut Event. Their bright light bulb beer draft pulls make them eye catching and the beer doesn't disappoint.

My friend ordered a pizza (cheese only) and I ordered the Artichoke Asparagus Salad. Those who know me know that if there is an item with goat cheese on the menu, I am immediately drawn to it. This salad was soooo good. Goat cheese, artichokes, asparagus (served warm)...so much deliciousness. I will certainly be going back to have this salad in the future.

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