Weekly Bits // 5

Mar 6, 2015

Made :: A care package (full of spring florals) for my mom to partake in #PimpinJoy week.
If you haven't been listening to the Bobby Bones show in the mornings, you should check out this link to hear all the great artists who have been in to perform live. My favorite is Kelsea Ballerini's 90's mash up.

Sipped :: The Mocha Magic Float at Fitz's
The cola was infused with Kaldi's Coffee!

Listened :: To Fifty Shades! The Musical Parody at The Pageant
I actually won tickets to this musical from Fitz's and they treated me to a free float when I picked up the tickets. Thanks again, Fitz's

Bought :: This Old Navy Reversible Bag
I'm willing Spring to come by buying pastels 

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