Weekly Bits // 9

Apr 17, 2015

Sipped :: Wine at Hermanhoff Winery
(I still have a Hermann recap coming)

Listened :: To Chip Esten ( AKA Deacon from Nashville) on the Bobby Bones Show this morning. See it all here.
He was talking a lot on organ donation- It's Donate Life Month. Something I fully support and was happy to hear them touching on.

Vowed :: To embrace my mornings more.
This week I've been getting up earlier (aka, when my alarm goes off -ok, after hitting snooze only twice) to do morning stretches and listen to motivational/inspiring podcasts (Jess Lively Show).

Read :: An infographic on running and this article on positive thinking and gratitude.
I am working on being more grateful in 2015 and I like the idea of creating a daily gratitude ritual. I've been thinking of one thing I'm grateful for every morning when I grab a cup of coffee.

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