Accountability Partners // Week 3

May 26, 2015

Week 3 :: May 24 - May 30 (switching it up for Sunday - Saturday)
Goal :: 3 Day Detox (starts tomorrow!) + 15 miles

Week Two Goal :: Plan for the following work day before leaving at night + 10 miles
Progress :: I successfully planned for the next work day before I left each evening and it really helped to already have a plan of focus in place when I came into work each day. For the miles I hit 8.5 so that's why I am making myself do 15 instead of 10 this week.

Pop over to my Accountability Partner's post to check in our her goals and progress as well.

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    1. Well that is just cumulative for the week. Far less impressive than running it straight, but I like to mix up running with things like step and spin too.


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