Summer State Of Mind

May 31, 2015

It's the last day of May, can you believe it?! With the temperatures rising and my Mexico trip a week away, I'm lost in a Summer state of mind.

#HowILocal - using my Sucre koozies : I Pineapple Summer & This Isn't A Juice Cleanse

I can think of a million uses for this ice cube tray.

I want to sip this blueberry refresher.

Wanting to try new scents like this or this and this

I need to get back at my #SummerOfLocal flow.

I want to pack picnics like this one of Jess' for local concerts in STL. Whittaker Festival and Twilight Tuesday are on my calendar. Know of any other good ones I need to check out?

I want to bust out this chicken salad recipe or this jalepeno popper recipe for upcoming bbqs and parties.
You can see other recipes I'm pinning here.

Wanting a bright Summer cardigan like this beauty.

Also, eyeing bright bags like this or this.


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