Weekly Bits // 12

May 15, 2015

Read :: Twenty Wishes- Debbie Macomber
I borrowed this book from my mom when I was home last because I needed something to read and I am loving it. Also, adding Leave Your Mark to my list ever since I saw it on The Style Hunter's Instagram.

Listened :: Sam Hunt's Album - Montevallo (on repeat)
because....ya know!

Discovered :: The Nashvillian's Blog
I'll be heading to Nashville for a bachelorette party in August and plan to utilize her Nashville guide for the trip!

Made :: Overnight Oats
I finally had success with these after a few fails. Ashley sent me a few recipes that worked for me. Big Fan!

{Sidenote: My friend Emily started a blog- Sincerely, Emily Ann. She has a lot of exciting new things coming up in her life and figured now would be the perfect time to give it a go. She too will be partaking in my Weekly Bits posts and you can see her first one here!}

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