7 of 15 // Salt + Smoke

Jul 23, 2015

Last week I went to dinner with my cousin and checked Salt + Smoke off my #15in15Eats list. The portion sizes here won't leave you asking for more. We started with fried pickles and they serve a variety of pickles, including whole sweet gherkins. They serve it with a flaxseed mayo, which sounds unique but really just lacked flavor. I would have preferred something spicy to accompany these.

We each ordered a platter (meat + 2 sides). Emily got the brisket and I got the pulled chicken. Our sides = mac'n'cheese, green beans, potato salad, and sweet potato chips. Whatever sides you get, don't skip the mac- It. Was. Fabulous. They have about 4 bbq sauces, and we mixed two to get the flavor profile we wanted. My meal literally spanned 3 meals for me, Dinner + Lunch + Lunch.

I'd recommend checking this place out. Have you been?

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