Jul 30, 2015

Well, I am 100% officially a homeowner. I closed on Monday. Woo/Oh My/Crap/Yay!

I started out my day by hitting a new coffee shop on my way back to St. Louis from my Parent's house-I'll certainly be frequenting The Roasted Bean when I'm home in Silex.

Next, I was off to my close to sign many documents.
After I was done signing, I said "Okay...so where is my key?" and my agent presented the key in an adorable way by sticking it in the card and giving me a personalized address stamp!

Next stop, my house (MY house, weird!). First I stopped for some celebratory items.

Sale is no longer pending!

Now, for the customary picture.

For now I'll be spending my spare time at Home Depot and packing and cleaning. Cheers!


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