Weekend Vibes v.2

Jul 20, 2015

My weekend was a perfect, Summer one. Filled with sunshine (and hot temps!), country music, concerts, time with my gal pals, and road trips.

I headed out to Luke Bryan's concert with my friends Erika and Emily. This was the first time I have seen him live and he did not disappoint. It turned out it was his 39th birthday too so we all sang him Happy Birthday! This was my 7th concert so far this year, hoping to beat my 2014 count of 11.
(Dress // Boots)

I have a friend who lives in Springfield, IL so Erika, Emily and I road-tripped over for our first Sweet Corn Festival experience. We had a good time listening to live music and soaking up the smell of corn on the cob! Brushville put on a great show. They played everything from The Black Keys to Garth Brooks.
(Shorts // Tank)

I caught up on some reading and had a very, lazy day

this and that ::
I discovered this #MissouriAdventure hashtag and man I really do love MO
Added items to our Etsy shop :: Three Sheep Shack
Inspired by this gray and white wall with frames
Obsessing over this cardigan I recently bought
Excited for all the books Emily recently bought so I can read them too
Sipping local brews and getting excited for all the breweries opening by my soon to be house
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  1. I love everything about this post. It was a perfect weekend! I now feel the need to buy that cardigan in both colors.

    1. I'm literally obsessed with it and would recommend doing so. I'm tempted to buy the maroon even though I already have something similar.

  2. Love all your cowboy boots, so cute!!

    1. Thanks! They are perfect for outdoor country concerts!


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