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Aug 26, 2015

A simple post to give a glimpse of the thoughts circling in my mind and what I'm browsing on the web lately.

To Eat :: Now that I have a fridge again (at long last!) I am stocking back up on the essentials (beer...cheese..)- I found this list of healthy items to keep stocked useful

To Sip :: Cucumber + Ginger + Prosecco

To Visit :: A new brewery opened in my new hood

To Enter :: My Giveaway! 

To Re-Create :: Fire Pit Oasis - I already have two retro chairs that I plan to paint mint. I was thinking I would put them on the front porch, but now I think I may try to find more to add to my set for around my firepit.

To Plant :: I recently bought some more plants (sigh, I can't help it!) to give a loving home, they are viney plants called Creeping Jenny-weird name, I know. I want to plant them in a white jar like this for a bathroom or bedroom shelf.

To Cook :: New recipes. I'm behind on my goal for one new recipe a month with my move. Have any suggestions for me?

To Use :: The Target giftcard I got from ebates. If you aren't signed up, you should start earning cashback here.

To Collect :: Growlers! I want to create some sort of growler display in my home. I'm not sure what room, or how I'll do it, but I plan to start building a collection.

To Style :: Floating shelves in my bathroom. The sellers left these when they moved (yay!) and I've been looking for styling inspiration. 1. 2. 3.

To Buy :: This Daybed is making it's way into my upstairs guest room. I'm storing the trundle for now. Eager to start putting rooms together.


  1. So excited for you decorating your new place! It’s so much fun! The cocktail sounds so refreshing!

    1. Thanks! I wish I could just fast forward to that part and avoid all the unpacking and organizing. Still working on that part. Also, I want to see peeks of your new home!

  2. So many ideas! Can't wait to see how it all turns out.

    1. More ideas than I have space for, that's for sure!


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