Summer Lou List - Update

Aug 19, 2015

Remember when I posted my Summer Lou List back in June? Well I am working through the remaining items and wanted to provide a quick update.

Summer Lou List ::
Check out Hendricks BBQ Acoustic Sundays
Go to Whitaker Music Festival  {I went with my friend Darcy in July}
Try Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga -{Scheduling this for next Saturday}
Head to Fair St. Louis for the Chris Young concert  {Check! View the highlights here}
Sip a brew at Perennial 
Take FREE line dancing lessons at Electric Cowboy or Wild Country
Hike two new trails
Visit the Zoo and Grant's Farm
Go to a Farmers' Market I haven't yet tried
Attend at least one Jungle Boogie - {Planning to attend next Friday}
Take Plum (yes, I named my bike) to a bike trail I haven't ridden before

I haven't made it as far in my list as I would like thus far, alas there is still a bit of Summer remaining- despite what everyone seems to be saying about Fall. Some of the things outside of my list that have been keeping me busy this Summer include :
  • Buying a house! This is a massive (and exciting!) undertaking- packing, moving, unpacking, cleaning the new house and cleaning the old place (not to mention all the legwork involved prior to the close). It's all still a major work in progress, follow along on the status at #SeeJessNest.
  • Lake trip
  • Sunday spent on a private lake (pictured above!)
  • Concerts
  • Sweet Corn Festival

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