Weekly Bits v.21

Aug 7, 2015

Read :: Save the Date - Mary Kay Andrews
This isn't on my Summer Reading List, so I shouldn't be reading it yet, but I couldn't resist. I always think being a florist would be neat (case in point, Keira) well and a lot of work, so reading about one allows me to live vicariously.

Bought :: Paint, lots and lots of paint
My painter is working on beautifying my walls as we speak (read...write...whatever!)

Listened :: War Paint - Fletcher
New mantra? Probably. I love the beat.

Sipped :: Craft beers
I went to The Shack with my pal Emily for happy hour last week. They have great specials, we will be back!

Image via my Farmers' Market trip


  1. Can't wait for our next happy hour! I already have the perfect place in mind.

  2. Going to need to check out that book! I don't think I have heard about it before!


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