Weekend Vibes // Goodbye August

Sep 1, 2015

My weekend was a whirlwind, as per usual. I started it out thinking it was one with loose plans, but it ended up being one with little down time. A few pictures from my weekend happenings below.

Checked Jungle Boogie off my Summer Lou List

Tried out the new brewery near me- Six Mile Bridge Beer. Loved it. Such a trendy interior with great product & a friendly team. I brought home a growler of my favorite brew-Session IPA.

Officially parted ways with my old apartment. The dirty reality of what moving really looks like. Cleaned that pink tiled bathroom for the last time (while my friend kicked up her feet)!!

A farmhouse table find from Craigslist. This is going to be my outdoor table for under my covered porch. Now I need a bench and some chairs to add to it.

I did lots of unpacking at my house too and took a bit of time off from that to go to a BBQ at my Grandma's and to thrift. More on my finds later! For now, you can catch glimpses of my finds on instagram.

Also, today is Emily's birthday! Go wish her a Happy Birthday!


  1. Thanks for the birthday shout-out! Looking forward to celebrating with you!

  2. Uh, I hated the major clean you had to do at the end of your lease! Bummer. Glad you got to have a lot of fun this weekend too!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

    1. Yes, it's the pits, but at least it's off my hands now. Thanks for popping in!


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