Life Lately - October Vibes

Oct 14, 2015

(A round up of some of my favorite Instagram pics so far this month)

I'm sure I'm not alone when I say October is my favorite month. For me it's mostly because it's my birthday month, but also because Fall is just so darn amazing.

To Celebrate :: MY BIRTHDAY

To Host:: Harvest Dinner
I really want to host a Fall dinner party. I love all tablescapes but especially Fall ones. This one, swoon!

To Make :: DIY Banner
I'm thinking mine would not be season specific. Perhaps it will say "Scatter Joy" or "#SeeJessNest"...endless possibilities.

To Spook :: Trick or Treaters
This will be my first year handing out candy. I've never lived anywhere where this was an option. Excited to do so!

To Embrace :: Winery Season
I plan to go to Cedar Lake Cellars Saturday, which is one of my favorite local wineries.

To Contemplate :: Year 28 Goals
I usually set some goals for myself around each birthday. I blogged about my Year 27 goals a while back (not near my birthday, because I wasn't blogging then). Time to assess how I did and determine how I'll move forward- I'd imagine the post will be a bit after my birthday.

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