Concert Rewind - Cam + Brothers Osborne

Dec 9, 2015

Last week I attended Santa Jamput on by 93.7 The Bull. I'm a Brothers Osborne fan and had been checking their tour schedule for a while to see when they would be coming to the St. Louis area. Then suddenly this show popped up and I knew I had to go! I was eager to see them and also dig Cam, who opened.
Big & Rich ended, but I won't be featuring that part because I didn't stick around for their set (not a huge fan). 

She performed with two band mates and kept things simple. She writes all of her own songs, and gives a brief intro on the backstory before playing each song. She had a fun bubbly personality & an amazing voice. Seriously, those vocals!

Song breakdown :
-"Half Broke Heart" - the facts are the facts. the beat of this one is so fun!
---"a half-smoked cigarette still's smoke, and a half-broke heart's still broke"

Brothers Osborne
Another simple, 3 person set up on stage.
I think everyone in that venue fell in love with the deep-voiced lead singer, TJ Osborne. Meow.
One brother sings, the other plays the guitar. And both excel at what they do.

Song breakdown :
-"Stay A Little Longer" - this song literally puts me in a good mood anytime it comes on. The guitar bit at the end, amazing!
-"Let's go there" - makes ya wanna forget your worries & take a spontaneous trip
-"Love The Lonely Out Of You" - slow it down kind of song.
-"Rum" - Summer vibes here. mmm mmm mmmmm
---"lucky folks go to the ocean, lakes for the landlocked ones"

They made mention of their album, Pawn Shop, that hits 01/15/16.
Can't wait to check it out! They played the Pawn Shop track and the lyrics were hilarious.

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