Jan 13, 2016

Today marks the 2nd anniversary of my dad's lung transplant. He was lung transplant number 1313 to ever be performed at Barnes Jewish Hospital in St. Louis and received it on January 13th, 2014.

My dad had idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis, I talked about it a bit here.

He started rejecting his lungs just 9 months after receiving the transplant (1 month was spent in a coma and another couple were spent on dialysis and in re-hab). He was a fighter and never complained. I complain when I have a cold and this man couldn't breathe for the past 8 years and never gave up or acted as if it was out of his control. I'll admire that man for my entire life. He lost the battle to Pulmonary Fibrosis/rejection in September and nothing will ever replace the gap he has left in the lives of my family (and many).

Cheers to you, dad!


  1. It's amazing how strong people are; I too always try to put my problems into perspective, as so many are going through so much worse. Cheers to your dad. Hugs sweet girl!


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