5 Things To Try This Month - January

Jan 5, 2016

Another month, and another list of 5 things to try. A list that contains both local places/ events for you STL area folks and things that can be done no matter location. See previous months here.

1. Closet Purge
Out with the old! Sign up for Poshmark & start listing some items you no longer wear. This is my go-to for selling off old items. If you do sign up, use code HBKNC for an instant $10 credit.

3. Have brunch at Cafe Osage

4. Read an inspiring book
I'm reading The Happiness Project this month. I've started and stopped this book a million times and am determined to finish it this month.

5. Yoga Camp by Adriene
I discovered this a few days late but plan to work through the 30 days offered. Has anyone tried her yoga videos?


  1. Aw I miss brunch at Cafe Osage!!! Such a cutes spot!

    1. It's crazy to say, but I myself have never even been. I'm making a point to get there this month! I know I'd love it.

  2. Cafe Osage is the bomb!!! Love their eggs Benedict!


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