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Feb 8, 2016

Inspired By >>  Thought Catalog Article ::
22 Things To Stop Doing in 2016 (And 22 Things To Start Doing Instead)

My List >> 6 + 6

1. Stop -- Living in a state of transition
Start -- Organizing and creating a sense of "home" in my new house

2. Stop -- Hitting the snooze button
Start -- Getting out of bed when my alarm goes off and form productive morning habits

3. Stop --  Being closed off to meeting new guys
Start -- Pushing my boundaries/comfort zone - date, hit events where singles may be present, be engaging

4. Stop -- Filling my schedule to the brim
Start -- Making weekly "me dates" where I devote time to one activity (doesn't include the gym) -- sketch, color, learn about a new topic, cook a new dish, read, write

5. Stop -- Paying off debt mindlessly/traditionally
Start -- Implementing the Dave Ramsey Snowball Plan

>> What is one thing you'd like to STOP doing in 2016 and START doing instead?

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  1. I hear ya on the me time! Mine has become my work out time but I should take more time to learn something new.

    1. Yea, it's hard because time is limited in the evenings with post-gym workouts, but I want to make a point to focus on a few other areas in additiona to fitness.

  2. Stop buying so many unnecessary things! Target, I'm talkin' about you!! lol


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