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Feb 19, 2016

How is February already halfway through? Time will just never standstill, eh? I've been staying pretty busy as of late and things are showing no sign of slowing down. I have a weekend full of concerts and hope to embrace the 70 degree weather heading to St. Louis too.

1. I celebrated Valentine's Day with a boozy brunch!
$10 bottomless mimosas- why not? We thought we were funny with this little number too.

2. National Donor Day
My Dad was a recipient of a double-lung transplant (which I've touched on here)and I can relate first-hand to the ups and downs on both sides of donating life.

3.#EmbraceMO -I dined at a new spot - Old Standard Fried Chicken
I adored this place! They have such a charming space- A garage door (this always makes me swoon) & I felt like I was in a rehabbed horse stable (which I also love). The food was so tasty & they had cacti and succulents a plenty. I snagged this image from their Facebook.

4. Loving this bathroom from Country Living
I'm saving this for ladder styling inspiration

5. Love this image and message


  1. Stopping by from the link up! Bottomless mimosas sound amazing! Also, how great to recognize donor day. My FIL has a donor kidney. The amount of pills he still takes is crazy!

    1. Hi! Thanks for popping in. How fortunate he received a transplant! It is certainly a lifestyle change.

  2. I'm so mad and having major regrets for not buying a ladder I spotted at a local shop! lol I need to go back and see if its still there!

    1. Yes! Keep scouring for more at antique malls, etc


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