Sunday Musings

Apr 24, 2016

How about a few musings for your Sunday morning coffee sipping?

+ today is my younger brother's birthday- Happy birthday, Daniel!
+ happy The Mindy Project has new episodes on Hulu+
+ if you're itching to plant something green, you should use Keira's tips for making a succulent garden
10 things God wants you to remember when life gets rough
+ I'm really missing my dad lately. I heard this song, and it really made me think of him and how he would feel about Heaven - Craig Campbell - Outskirts of Heaven
+ my summer state of mind is coming in full force, leaving me with some wanderlust
+ Man, Nashville is killing it lately. Last week's episode had a Thomas Rhett performance! Took me back to seeing him live.
+ STL friends, I found this website that tracks the free concerts in the St. Louis area. It's such a great resource!
+ I made this taco skillet last Sunday and it lasted me through Thursday (highly recommend!)
+ the green board on my pinterest page is getting the most love lately
+ I'd love to make some of my own cactus art soon
+ this wet n wild velvet matte lip color is one of my new favorite products (under $4)
+ I'm intrigued by plantable paper & want to make my own
+ #SummerofLocal season is upon us
+ I have a caddy I thrifted for $1 calling my name for a DIY
+ looking forward to utilizing my groupon at Bat Creek Brewery next week

Now, put down that mug and go make the most of today!

{the picture above is from my Colorado Adventure}

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