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May 18, 2016

I'm about 10 months into my home-ownership role, I can't believe my 1-year mark is almost here!! Talk about putting the pressure on- I still have my hands full with tasks of to-do's. So far I have one thing hanging on the walls..ONE thing, that's it! All in all, I'm so happy I made the move to purchase and that all the marks I'm making on my home are mine to keep.

- lavender (my favorite- practicing for my someday lavender farm)
- asparagus fern (loving the look of this!)
- shrubs (back beds are done, I want to add lavender and I need to now re-vamp the front)
- container gardens (lettuce= excelling, peppers = drowning)

- I'm really glad I have this space to call my own, no neighbor noises through the walls, finally!
- how on earth am I going to clean the gutters over my walkout basement? do I climb on the roof? I'm going to need a sidekick for that.
- I'm so happy I have an outdoor space to call my own and turn into an oasis...I loveeeee that 
- why do I still have boxes to unpack? (insert grimmace emoji)
- should I pack away winter clothes or just fill all the closets and rotate?
- I really dislike organizing and need an organizing genie, I prefer to just decorate
- lawncare....am I right? what a headache
- I need to use my firepit one of these cool nights. par-tayyy!
- why, oh why have I not stepped foot into IKEA yet?
- I think I shall buy a kiddie pool to use in my backyard this summer
- I really, really like the color I chose for my walls - Benjamin Moore, Revere Pewter

extremely basic things I wish I had by now
- ladder
- BBQ pit
- a desk for my office
- a lawnmower....... but I think I'll just opt to keep paying for lawncare


- hang curtain rods- needing assistance on this
- re-do my front flower beds
- get my basement sliding door fixed
- clean out a spare room full of boxes and holiday decor and finally turn it into an office
- clean the basement and use it
- set up the basement bedroom
- organize the storage room in the basement and add shelving
- hang wall decor + shelving + a clock I've purchased
- decide what to do with my dining room wall
- find black + white prints to frame for my living room..I'm thinking pictures from my parent's farm.

the ramblings could go on..and on..and on.. but these are my homeowning thoughts thus far


  1. Oh man I just moved into my place and I totally feel you on ALLLLLLLL of these things!
    The Adored Life

    1. Hey! Thanks for popping in. There's always going to be a never-ending list of to-do's, but it is certainly worth it. Maybe I'll have things on my wall within the next 2 months.

  2. We can't wait to own our own home! I'm so over renting! I just want something we can grow into and renovate how we want to! Our place now just doesn't feel like a home... It is kinda nice just to call the landlords when something needs to be fixed though! lol


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