Weekend Vibes - Last of June

Jun 27, 2016

My mind is blown that June is coming to an end. I feel like time is slipping away faster than ever lately.  This past weekend I filled just about every free moment outside and with friends + family. It was one that was packed to the gills, but with great things - Making it the perfect summer weekend.
Summer, please stay.

Friday I played mini golf for the first time in forever...a healthy dose of competition for the evening -I lost and nearly hit my ball into the lake. Overall it was a win because I enjoyed the time spent outside. Plus it's only $5 to play. I forgot how cheap it was!
Saturday I was back in my hometown, so I met my pal Emily for a morning walk, which then turned into front porch sitting (above) and pool time. Gotta love that kind of afternoon.
That evening we had a wedding to attend for a couple from my hometown. They were friends with my youngest brother & they included him in their wedding as an honorary groomsman (such a thoughtful couple!!).

how fun is this naked cake?!

me and my pals ended up in coordinating outfits

Sunday was spent poolside with some college girlfriends and my Goddaughter- Sophia. This was the perfect girls day to cap off an eventful weekend.

Apparently Sophia's "new thing" is this grimmace face, it reminds me of the emoji. Oh, and her favorite song is Sia - Cheap Thrills, which she calls "hit the dance floor"

This was the kind of weekend that left my heart feeling full and grateful. How was yours?


  1. Looks like such a great weekend! Little kids are so funny!



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