Weekend Vibes - Memorial Day

Jun 2, 2016

Long holiday weekends are ---
+ meant to be spent with loved ones
+ for being active and getting outdoors
+ unplugged
+ a great means to catch up on sleep
+ for consuming ice cold beer
+ best spent on the farm
+ for fishing
+ a great opportunity to have a playdate with your godchild
+ for pool lounging
+ sadly missed when they are over

That about wraps it up. My weekend was spent doing all of the above. This picture is a #SnapChatSteal from my feed Saturday. Our extended family came up to the farm to help with an extensive list of tasks (mending fence, hanging gates, separating the sheep herd, etc). We threw in BBQ and fishing for a dose of fun..So very grateful for a big-hearted (and handy) family. I think this sunset (and the fact that the rain held off) proves we had some very special people looking out from above.

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  1. That sounds like an amazing weekend! I wish every weekend was 3 days :)


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