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Jun 10, 2016

I'll keep things short & sweet today. I'm off from work today and taking a long weekend to head to a local lake for a family fishing tournament (dubbed the Master Baiter - Ha! we are a very couth group).  I'll be spending the weekend outdoors, in athletic clothes, makeup-less and with family. Pool time, lake scenes, fishing, all that jazz. Cannot wait!

Cooked :: Zoodles + Skinny Chicken Parmesan
I plan to try many zoodle dishes this summer, this one will be on repeat.

Sipped :: Nice Pairing's Cabernet Sauvignon
Loved the branding, price (below$10), and quality!

Read :: The Hypnotist's Love Story
This is finally getting a bit more juicy, I'm about halfway through. Almost done with my spring reading list. Working on forming a summer one..suggestions?

Grew :: Lettuce
This was my first time growing lettuce and it did way better than I expected. I've been enjoying so many salads with my fresh lettuce and even shared some with my co-workers. I highly recommend growing your own- low maintenance!

Enjoyed :: This cold brew & iced coffee illustration
I love illustrations & especially loved iced coffee + cold brews

++ Restaurant openings to try in St. Louis this week --
- Scarlett's Wine Bar - Central West End
- The Red Shack - Dogtown

++ Weekly Thought --
Push yourself; you've got to be uncomfortable.
--this was a line my spin instructor used this week to encourage us. Other applications :: life!



  1. Hey girl, some of my family and I are coming to St. Louis next month for the weekend. We are coming for a game but we would like to do some other fun things while in town. What are some recommendations on fun things as well as food and drinks? Thanks!

    1. Oh that is so fun! For the game you definitely should head to Ballpark Village before or after, other good bars near by are Paddy O's and Flying Saucer. As for other things to round out the weekend, I would check out some of our local breweries (Schlafly, Urban Chestnut, & Modern are some of my faves) & here is a post with some of my favorite patios around town (brunch + dinner options)> http://silexinthecity.blogspot.com/2016/05/5-st-louis-patios-to-try-this-weekend.html Have fun! let me know if you have more questions!


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