Putting yourself first

Aug 10, 2016

Man, don't you just love when you read a quote that hits you at the perfect time and resonates in a million different ways? 

My week has been hectic with various to-do's that have left me felt I was being pulled in quite a few different directions. That coupled with stepping out of my comfort zone lately has me feeling a bit off balance this week. The kicker is, everything that is coming at me is all really good stuff (trips, side hustle, etc). Everything keeps falling right into place and buffing out this week and I'm reminded that it's all going to be okay & it's all going to get done. (two snaps for that!!)

So, this was a good reminder to put myself first 
& chill out.
Stop worrying about everyone & everything else 
& focus on myself. 
Say yes to what I want
& say no to what I don't want.

What do ya think? Let's all agree to put ourselves at the top of that to-do list for a bit.


  1. The say yes to what I want and no to what I want, I need to definitely work on. I'm so bad about saying yes to everything and no to nothing.

    1. I agree. Some people say they should say "yes" more (to social things), and I think I am on the flip side of that.

  2. Oh absolutely yes! I need to print this out and hang it somewhere!


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