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Oct 17, 2016

Here we are, back at Monday. This one can't phase me though because it's my BIRTHDAY WEEK!

My weekend started out with a half day Friday & a road trip to Centralia, MO for the Luke Bryan Farm Tour. We had a group of 30 people who went to the concert and I even bumped into my cousin who lives there and attended also. It was neat to see a local farmers' land packed with 20,000 people & our post party included a bonfire, chili and more country music.
I managed to get exactly ZERO pictures, so I'll let you check out the hashtag instead. 

On Saturday we drove back from Centralia.  Then I rode shotgun all afternoon for farm stuff. My boyfriend* farms with his family on the side so he's always staying busy this time of year with harvesting crops. I like to ride along in the combine or the truck when I'm free to do so- The views can't be beat (the first picture) and the company is pretty good too ;) On Saturday's agenda was moving the combine, shelling corn and hauling grain. We rounded out the evening with some Buffalo Wild Wings and a Redbox movie.

On Sunday I went to visit my friend's new baby. Meet Dakota, she will be a month old as of tomorrow! Then I headed to the boy's parents for dinner. 

I ended up having a perfectly well rounded weekend to kick off my birthday week. I've already started the "treat yourself" mindset and had cake for breakfast today...may go get a manicure on lunch. Still working to figure out where I want to dine for my birthday dinner..I'm either going with a favorite (Grapeseed with dessert at Russell's..or Retreat) or maybe trying something new.

*Yea, so, I haven't made mention of him on the blog yet, but my boyfriend (Danny, also referred to as the Cattleman) & I have been dating since May- wasn't quite sure how to do an ol' blog intro. ;)


  1. Happy birthday week! Loving that first picture - can't beat a country view. That concert sounds fabulous, especially followed by all the post concert festivities. Happy Monday!

    1. Hey thanks! Country views are definitely some of my favorite. It was definitely a fun time at the concert!

  2. Haha I read Boyfriend* and thought hmmm I must have missed something!

    1. Yea this is the first mention- Debated on being sly or throwing in the disclaimer. Ha!

  3. Happy Birthday Week!!!! Love Luke Bryan. I bet the show was awesome! Sounds like a great weekend!


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