Hey There v.2

Nov 27, 2016

A hodge podge of mini notes to miscellaneous things/people/days/whatevers.

Hey there, Long Row Lavender
Your barn and holiday decor is the best. Love how you styled this faux mantle.

Hey there, Secret Sister Exchanges on Facebook
I mailed off a fun gift and hope to get at least one back.. We shall see how the chain goes.

Hey there, Ebates
I finally added your button to my blog and I've been getting a lot of use out of you what with buying a few new Fall items, holiday dress shopping, and starting in on Christmas gifts. I just got a check for $15 and have earned $400+ over time. Seriously, it is so easy to use and you get cash back for online shopping.

Hey there, Aldi's
I love shopping for a bargain with you. It's crazy how much you can buy for so little. Things that are staples  in my cart every time : salsa(fire roasted chipotle!), string cheese, and brown rice/quinoa blend.

Hey there, Poshmark
I love all the sales I am seeing & items I am able to give new homes.

Hey there, Slider House
I'm craving some of your keen-wah sliders & need to get back for lunch soon.

Hey there, plaid infinity scarf
You look like a good alternative for blanket scarves..because each time I wear a blanket scarf I just feel like I get swallowed alive...I do not get how people style those...

Hey there, capsule lists
You make for easy packing templates.

Hey there, Nashville
I'm coming for ya in Jan & am already scouting out hotel deals + activities. Also, the Nashville tv series starts back in Jan too. So much Nashville-ness on the horizon.

Hey there, over the knee boots
You will be getting a lot of wear this season.

Hey there, Friendsgiving
I'm glad we have one to attend post-Thanksgiving. I'm in charge of sweet potatoes, and I am making this dish minus the chicken. I also realized I do no own a covered dish..as in one to bake in that comes with a lid...adult-ing fail.


  1. I love aldi's!!
    And seriously, I can't wear the big blanket scarves either! I feel like I'm suffocating! lol

    1. It's literally the best, such a cost saver. Right! I just don't get how people do it. I have some that are lighter-weight that I like.

  2. I never think to go to Aldi's but it sounds like I need to change that up!

    1. You should totally start popping in there to see their selection.


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