Weekend Vibes -- First of November

Nov 8, 2016

This weekend was intentionally low-key on my end. I've been doing a lot of running as of late and wanted a mellow weekend spent mostly at home so I could knock out some cleaning and to-do's.

Friday night I made some homemade pizza and had a firepit night at my house. I love casual nights spent by the firepit. Country music, cold beer and a brisk evening = a perfect calm Friday night in my book.

On Saturday I had a leisurely start to my day and took time for household tasks -- taking my own advice from the November 5 to Try. I purged some items, which I added to my Item Audit post. I also tagged more Three Sheep Shack product to take over to Joy's. Then I had a 30th birthday party for my cousin. I really enjoyed my Saturday - Days with loose schedules and family time are the best.

My Saturday look - Shoes / Ear Warmer / Poncho / Similar Jeans

On Sunday I had another leisurely start. I'm currently reading The Weekenders - Mary Kay Andrews and am really enjoying it - So, both Saturday and Sunday morning were spent devoting some time to that. Then I threw a meal int he crockpot and did some meal planning (trying out this recipe this week), cleaning and laundry. My friend and I met for a park walk and beer at Global Brew in the afternoon- Side note, their local brews are only $4 on Sundays.. Then I went to grab some groceries and head home for dinner.
B is for Beanie and Beer... Beanie is a new item coming to the Shack soon.

Oh, and here's another new item coming to the Shack soon also- The Cassie Scarf. Fun fact, we name all of our scarves after animals from our farm. Cassie was one of our family pets, a yellow lab.


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    1. Thanks! My mom made a hunter green one too and I'm waiting patiently for her to catch up on orders so I can request one. ;)


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