2016 Intentions -- End of Year Edit

Dec 26, 2016

 I set my 2016 Intentions early in the year and tried to remain mindful of them. Here was a halfway point blog post and now let's see how things played out.

Word of the year :: JOY >>
2015's word, gratitude

Intentions ::

- Embrace MO
>> 6 new coffee shops
>> 6 new breweries
>> 6 new eats
Result :: Here's a post on how I did. Exceeded the eats goal but fell short on coffee and breweries.

- Cook
>> Try out 10 new recipes from my Craft Beer Bites Cookbook
Result :: Nada. Fail.

- Item Audit
>> Reduce my belongings by 200+ items & log them
Result :: I tried to log just about everything I purged/sold/gifted this year. Looks like I made it about halfway to the goal. I'm sure many notebooks and frivolous stuff got tossed to reach this, but the "loggable" items were short of 200.

Additional ::
++ Be open to new things (check!)
++ Continue focusing on my 28 year goals  (check!)
++ Slow down. Meditate. (nope.)
++ Be less reserved about my blog. (so-so)

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