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Jan 9, 2017

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[My Intentions]

Monthly ++

- Scatter joy to someone in need
--- This could take on a variety of forms..whether it's a meal, care package, donation, what have you. I want to be mindful of scattering joy once a month (at minimum).

- Tackle a designated household task
--- I have a plan to set one monthly task to accomplish. More on this later. January's goal is to have all of my curtain rods hung. How sad is it that I am 1.5 years into homeownership and this has not been accomplished? 
Q1 goals 

- Try one new recipe
This is an oldie, but goodie. I really want to expand my list of go-to recipes and be better about meal planning. I did it in 2015 & made 7 new recipes but fell short of the full 12. Let's do it, 2017!

Additional ++
- Track another Item Audit for the year. The goal is to purge 200+ items.
- Keep the #EmbraceMO mentality
- Continue to focus on my year-29 goals (these basically coincide with the calendar year since I have an October birthday) ---- brew beer / focus on financials / see a new city / buy a new (to-me) car

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