Day 2 of 2017 - Thoughts, plans and such

Jan 2, 2017

today is day 2 of 2017 & I have a jumble of thoughts/plans/intentions/to-dos floating around in my mind, so I wanted to pop in and log them.

meal planning -- looking at my craft beer bites cookbook & bookmarking recipes to try -- one of my 2017 intentions is to try one new recipe a month (a post on my intentions to come)

make it happen -- here's looking at you, 2017

to - do's -- a trip to Kohl's to make returns and spend some Kohl's cash (eyeing this sweater for my man, since it's technically his kohl's cash). Buy party supplies (paper products, appetizer makings, birthday swag) for my man's 30th birthday bash this coming weekend.

blog posts to complete -- Dear 2016 / Portland trip re-cap / Christmas 2016 / 2017 Intentions 

other blog tasks -- get my new blog template up

journaling -- 2016 things / Christmas things / etc

house things -- I think I'll set weekly goals for myself in the #seejessnest arena for tackling one (small & manageable) to-do a week. I want my house to be more lived in (decor wise and not clutter wise) and presentable for hosting- It's still rather bare. This week's goal, to hang a gold wall hanging in my bedroom.

trips -- I have 2 on the books (Nashville this month, Colorado next month) and my man said he's game for a beach trip later in the year.

celebrating -- my cousin had a baby boy today! Evan Michael.

wanting -- storage shelves for my unfinished room in my basement so I can better utilize the space. I spotted sturdy shelves at Sam's today for $40 each. Thinking two of those are in my future.

needing -- curtain rods, because back to the "house things" a few lines up, I want to have all of my curtain rods hung by the end of the month.

unpacking -- lots of weekend bags and gifts from the holiday season

folding -- sooo much laundry..maybe in 2017 I won't let myself pile/lay-out unfolded laundry on my basement couch. here's hoping.

new show -- American Housewife.. I was feeling a bit under the weather last week and spent some time lounging & binge watched this show on worth it. Hilarious! I hope I'm half this funny as a mother.

sipping -- a City Wide beer as I type this

anticipating -- Nashville!!! It comes back on this week.

debating -- whether or not to keep the Frye booties I treated myself to -- I found them for half the price on Amazon. Leaning towards yes, because...why not..

coconut oil -- you are a savior for dry skin. must book a facial (hello groupon) or find a new moisturizer because my skin is in need of hydration lately.

eats -- feeling bloated after days of indulging & celebrating (new year's eve + a family Christmas gathering on New Year's Day + pizza and nachos for lunch)

fit -- must get back to the gym, do yoga at home, and maybe get my co-worker's old treadmill for my basement

jumpstart -- I like this post of Lauren Conrad's about jumpstarting January -- challenge 1 -- workout 5 days a week

So, on day 2 of 2017 I am feeling inspired, motivated, blessed, calm, and capable. It always helps me to log all the thoughts rumbling around in my mind. That's that. Now off to do some of the things mentioned above. Ta-ta for now. Stay tuned for the posts mentioned above in the weeks to come. 

xo- Jess

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