Friday Best - Start of 2017

Jan 6, 2017

Hi all -- here's to the first Friday of 2017!! Hoping you make it grand!
Same weekly Friday post, but with a {slightly} new spin & name-- Friday Best -- where I'll share my opinion on the best things from the week -- songs, shows, sips, eats, that sort of thing.

So, here we have the first edition ++

Best show back on the air --NASHVILLE!
So excited this is back. I don't have cable, so now that it is airing on CMT I will have to wait to watch the episodes at my boyfriend's house where we have it set to record.

Best closet app - Poshmark!  
I highly recommend using this to get rid of closet items. It takes a while to get traction and sell things, but I've had great success with it -- I've made $96 this week alone! You can view my closet here -- a lot of the items I purged in 2016 were Poshmark sales too! If you sign up, use code HBKNC for a $5 credit.

Best free 2017 calendar printable -- love the simplicity of this

Best weekly finds --

Best affordable storage option -- 4 cube organizer 
I purchased in white from Target using code STORAGE for 15% off. Excited to assemble this and put it to use in my guest bedroom. I plan to get some baskets made from our Etsy shop to add to the compartments.


Best weekend plan -- celebrating my boyfriend's 30th!
He turned 30 at the beginning of December, but with being in Boston, having Christmas celebrations & the new year,  we decided to wait to celebrate in January..and alas, the weekend has arrived. We are taking a party bus out with some of his close family and friends & heading to local bars. Looking forward to it!

Best Cleanse to try -- This 3 day soup cleanse seems manageable & tasty
3 day soup cleanse:

Best reminder --
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  1. I am so excited about Nashville, too!! I can't wait to watch!

    1. It was good. Interesting to see some little changes as it airs on a new network.


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