Hey There -- first of 2017

Jan 19, 2017

A hodge podge of mini notes to miscellaneous things/people/days/whatevers.

I love how you match my Jessie Scarf & need to get you listed in our Etsy shop. Super cozy!!

Hey there, adorable mules 
You are my most recent fashion want...I like the perforated (& you) style, suede western-ish ones, black & peep-toe...Now to narrow it down.

Hey there, Scrappy Little Nobody
Two girlfriends and I decided to start a book club. The plan = meet every other month at a new (to us) restaurant and read the selected book in between meet ups. Here is book #1 and the location is Nixta. Can't wait to start this book!

Hey there, turmeric
I am digging all your health benefits . I need to buy some of this golden spice; I recently got a ginger turmeric tea at Trader Joe's -- it's decent, not great.

I am coming for ya in Nashville! 
Hey there, Danny's 30th birthday bash
What a success in making the birthday boy feel special. A group of 20+ people headed out on a bus to celebrate his birthday. We went to Fast Eddie's and hung out, listened to live music, and drank really cold beer. The hat was short-lived, and only remained on for a quick photo, but that was good enough. One downfall, no heat on the bus...the one thing the birthday boy wanted to be sure we would have..darn antifreeze leak.

Hey there, Nashville
So so excited for a long weekend away next week. It's rare to get my boyfriend away from the farm, and I'm excited to have time away from any to-do lists. Here's the list of where I'd like to visit while in town- Any of you Nashville folks have other breweries/restaurants/must-sees for me?

Hey there, Sphere Pinot Noir
You're one of my new go-to red wines. I was trying different reds to see what style suited me best, and I think pinot noir wins! At about $6 at Trader Joe's you cannot be beat- a fun label makes you an easy giftable also!

Hey there, LANco
I have been wanting to see you live for a year now and cannot wait for your show tonight It's going to be so, so good.

Hey there, Nike Roshe Two
You are adorable. Loving your neutral look (and price!) and am working to tell myself I do no need you right now.

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