Weekend Vibes - A slow-paced, icy one

Jan 16, 2017

This weekend was predicted to be an icy one in St. Louis and had most people staying home. We worked remote on Friday and I didn't leave the house, but the boy did venture over and said the roads were fine. I don't think it ended up getting as bad in the area as predicted, but there was enough hype to alter plans. I ended up having a great weekend and am not ready to be back to a full work week. Regardless, here we are at Monday.

Friday evening was pretty simple. The boy and I had a night in. We made dinner (only hamburger helper because I wasn't prepped for the storm), had a game night playing phase 10, and sipped a few brews. It was perfect actually.

Saturday I ended up riding along with him back to his place (which is also my hometown) and we had a low-key weekend. We went to his uncles while they made deer sausage, rode around checking cattle (I snapped the photo above from one of their farms) and then his cousin had us over for dinner and a gathering that night. They have a dartball board in their garage so we played that most of the night. So fun!

Sunday was spent lounging around. The boys did work in the shop and I started a new book and ran a quick errand for more work supplies. Which was a nice little jaunt on the back country roads.

All in all it was a perfect weekend - just the right mix of social & cozy. I was very content and happy with how it all played out. The weekend was mostly last minute adventures and the original agenda was out the window.

Additionally, American Eagle has some really great items lately and right now all of their clearance is under $20. All of the items here are in the clearance category & such a steal. I am really digging the cozy cardigans, peasant tops and the kimono!


  1. Love cozy weekend at home! I actually really like hamburger helper, lol. ;)


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