5 Things To Try This Month -- March

Feb 28, 2017

Each month I compile a list of [five] various things I recommend trying for the month -- These include anything from DIYs, book recommendations, sips, recipes, trends, and new restaurants or events for St. Louis locals. Check out previous suggestions too!
So, let's get to it ---

1. Create
I plan to chalkpaint a small wooden toolbox (Goodwill $1) I thrifted a while back. My suggestion would be to do the same & give new life to an old item you thrift or find lying around. In the past I have used chalkpaint to revamp some dining room chairs and a dresser.
2. Reflect
Lent kicks off this month & one of my lenten resolutions is to do a daily devotional on faith. I have a book that I plan to use. I am sure there daily e-mails you can sign up for & I thought this bible plan + journal looked like a win, it's only for 31 days, but I think it would suffice too.   
3. Curate 
a shelf / a reading nook / a corner of your counter - anything goes!
I recently organized/styled this corner in my guest room & it makes me happy each time I look at it. It's progressed since this picture was taken, but I love "shopping" items from my home & moving them around to different shelves & such. So, curate a bare space or a new space in your home and have fun with it.
4. Donate
Another component in my lenten resolutions- I plan to do my own take on this 40 bags in 40 days challenge. My original plan was top donate 40 items, so ultimately that is what I am targeting, but I like her ideas on non-stuff things to declutter too [i.e. - email inboxes, digital file/photo storage/ habits, etc]. This concepts fits into my Item Audit for the year too.
5. Celebrate
St. Patrick's Day- Friday, March 17th / 1st Day of Spring- Monday, March 20th
I'll be in Kansas City over St. Patrick's Day for a bacheloerette party. Eager to see what festivities will be happening.


  1. Oh, KC for a bachelorette party and it's St. Patrick's Day?! Sounds like you guys are going to have quite the time!


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