February 5 To Try

Feb 2, 2017

Each month I compile a list of various things I recommend trying for the month -- These include anything from DIYs, book recommendations, sips, recipes, trends, and new restaurants or events for St. Louis locals. Check out previous suggestions too!
So, let's get to it ---

+ Start a new magazine subscription
Sure, Pinterest is great, but to me it doesn't beat flipping through a hardcopy of a magazine in my opinion.  So, if you're in need of an inspiration re-fresh, I starting a new subscription. Most are under $10 these days. My faves = Redbook / Country Living / Good Housekeeping

+ Handcraft Valentines for loved ones
I don't know what it is about Valentine's day, but I just loveeee all the whimsical hearts, bright colors, and an excuse to gift give. I always have. So, I think I will set aside some time this month to craft my own Valentine's Cards. I spotted some in the $1 spot at Target that are blank brown cards with glitter envelopes, making it especially easy to craft your own.

+ Add some new greenery to your home 
I'm buying an assorted set of air plants to mix into decor around my house. Easy to maintain, and can set just about anywhere! So many styling options. The plant selectionabove is from a visit I took to Bowood Farms - They have the cutest boutique & nursery selection.

+ Spring clean (early!)
I'm in the mood to minimize and style my home/get it in order. I want to knock all of this out before Spring so that when the weather changes I can get outside / plant things / etc. So, let's get a kickstart on it in February, eh?

+ Attend Science On Tap --
Where: St. Louis Science Center
When: Sat, Feb 11th
Time: 7-11 PM
$$: $55 for non-members


  1. That event at the science center sounds fun! Love the idea of starting a new magazine subscription - it is nice to just flip through pages!

    1. Sounds so fun right?! Yes, I am thinking of which I want to start for myself. My mom gets a bunch and usually I just read them when she's done. :)

  2. Love Redbook! I'm in a cleaning/organizing mood too!

    1. I can't decide which of those 3 is my fave.. And yes, must be the new year vibes!


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