National Donor Day - Donate Life

Feb 13, 2017

Tomorrow is not only Valentine's Day, but it is also National Donor Day. I have always been an organ donor on my license, but I am now officially on the National Donate Life Registry.

Facts :: Donate Life America
+ 119,000 people are waiting for an organ
+ Another person is added to the list every 10 minutes
+ Each person has the potential to save up to 8 lives with donation
++ more stats

I've touched on my loss here.  My family has been on both sides of  donation.
In 2013, my brother passed unexpectedly and we were able to donate tissue to those in need. He actually had heart issues, had a pacemaker and was on a heart transplant list in case his failed.
In 2013 my dad was also on a organ donation list for lungs. In 2014 he was fortunate enough to find a match. The process of being placed on a list and waiting for a match is a very long & trying process for those in need of organs as well as their families. We felt so blessed to have found a match, yet sad knowing what finding a match for us meant for another family.
You can read my dad's story here #1313

We are definitely pro-donation in our family. If you haven't considered organ donation, there are many resources for learning more. If you decide it's for you -- REGISTER HERE 

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  1. Wow thats so amazing!! Its really great to hear donation stories, I have always been a donor and its great to hear successes!


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