Weekend Vibes - Super Bowl 51

Feb 7, 2017

The weekend came & went and I didn't really take any pictures. Today feels like a Monday to me because I was out sick yesterday with a stomach bug. I was feeling off all weekend and didn't have much down time, I guess it all caught up to me yesterday. Gatorade is definitely the main thing on the menu today.

A few of my weekend highlights --

- A girls' night Friday for Darcy's birthday. We saw Randy Houser (unplugged) at Ballpark Village. Great show. Best part was being home in bed by 11. :)

- Saturday brought a family gathering for a cousin's 21st. This was fun & led into an impromptu night of me, my boyfriend and brother hanging out and joining up with Danny's circle of family & friends. So, we covered a lot of bases on Saturday.
Fun fact :: my brother and boyfriend share the same name, Daniel. For me, it's okay because I call the boyfriend, Danny, and my brother, Daniel. Lots of our family calls my brother, Danny, so that gets tricky.

- On Sunday I had lunch with my friend Emily to chat about her upcoming wedding details, the bachelorette party weekend and life. Was a good, long gab session.

- Then I headed to my boyfriend's family farm to hang for a bit. He was doing some work & bringing his two pups to his house (hey Duke & Chase)

- Later we went to a Super Bowl Party. My highlight may have been the really cozy couch...or maybe the company and snacks. Either way. I didn't win anything on my square bets, but Danny walked away with $20.

Now here we are, already at Tuesday. Weather is expected to be in the 60's a bit this week & weekend (with some 30 degree weather tossed in). Looks like I will either need Emergen-C or a pedicure. I'm likely going with the latter. 60's this week, then off to CO to see some snow next weekend!


  1. I hope you feel better soon! Sounds like you had a great weekend! Lots of fun with friends!

  2. Hope you are feeling better - sounds like you had a great weekend, though!


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