2017 Intentions -- February Progress

Mar 8, 2017

My 2017 Intentions have a monthly component, so I plan to pop in each month and share my progress. Let's see how I measured up --

+ Scatter Joy -- check / check / check / check
 + 2017 Item Audit 
Purged 9 items / sold 6 items on poshmark
current count = 40
Goal = 200 items

+ Monthly Household Task - Style My Living Room
-Style my entry way (pretty much a part of the living room, no separate entry) -- I have a new bench that Emily's Dad made me, I ordered a shiplap coat rack (still waiting on it), and moved a plant + basket next to the bench.
-New pillows -- I purchased one so far & moved two to my basement couch
-Curtains -- check! Love my sheer gray ones shown in this post.
-Wall decor -- check. I purchased two 18 x 24 white frames (need to hang them still) and I plan to put a black & white image of my parent's barn in one and then a quote in the other.
-New coffee table -- ordered!  Emily's Dad is whipping one up for me like this.
--I also bought a boxwood wreath to hang on my blanket ladder

+ New Recipe - Taco Turkey Burgers
I used this recipe but with ground turkey instead of chicken. These are an easy & tasty item to prep in advance. Next time I won't use coconut oil to cook them in the pan, that taste stuck with them, no thanks.

My March goal was to clean + style my upstairs guest room, but that also got completed in February...so now for March I am tackling my junk-room-soon-to-be-office.

+ January's Progress


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