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Mar 22, 2017

A hodge podge of mini notes to miscellaneous things/people/days/whatevers.

Hey there, Spring
I'm welcoming the fact that the sun stays out past 5:00 PM..It's always such a victory to make it through Winter & darkness as I leave work. Looking forward to planting green things and soaking up patio weather.

Hey there, adorable patio above
I wish you were mine. You have so many perfect elements & manage to give me a sense of calm just looking at you.

Hey there, work staples
You all seem to be biting the dust at once..might be time to slowly upgrade some pieces that have been in my closet since I joined the corporate world. First up, a new black dress and pencil skirt.
Hey there, Grace and Frankie
I cannot wait for season 3..I promise not to binge it on in one Sunday like I did on season 2.

Hey there, Kansas City
You were SO much fun! I definitely see repeat visits in my future. More time exploring breweries, restaurants and the Westport area.

Hey there, thrift shops
I can't get enough of you lately. My cousin and I are having a chalk paint night tonight to paint some of our new finds.

Hey there, Target home sale
You have so many fun Spring items I would like. This stripe blanket would be great on my blanket ladder, if I still needed curtains I would buy these in coral for my office (tempting!), and I may need to get two of these pillows for my couch.

Hey there, raised garden
I would really like to have one of you for my back patio this season.

Hey there, Poshmark
Keep the sales coming in my closet!

You sure are the perfect little addition to the Shack! You make for a pretty cute co-pilot too!
Now to give ya a name.

Hey there, Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint
I really want to try your paint in Arabesque - what a pretty shade of pink! I really dig this makeover too!

Hey there, Vicia
You look like a neat new STL eat to try out!

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  1. that patio is so cute! loving the striped blanket from target too ! xo jillian - cornflake dreams


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