Lenten Resolutions

Mar 6, 2017

1. Daily reflection / devotional
2. Giving up comparison
3. Donate / eliminate 40+ items

To expand --

Daily Devotional / Reflection -- focusing on bettering my faith  and reading a daily devotional that highlights a scripture passage and gives practical ways to implement the message in my life.

Giving up comparison -- boy is this one a doozie. Why do we naturally fall into the negativity of comparison? I would say there is a healthy amount of this in some ways to strive for betterment - i.e. maybe comparing your work routines/etc to a co-worker in order to motivate yourself to increase efficiency.
However, it often becomes a toxic way to view things- whether it's your career, your relationship, yourself, your family, your achievements, on and on.I know that by working to eliminate this I will make for a better employee / girlfriend / daughter / friend / sister/ etc.
Granted- I am unsure if one can ever fully cut it out - but I think being mindful of moments when I let it creep in is going to be crucial in removing it from my mind.

Donating 40+ items -- I have my 2017 item audit going, but this is an add on to that and is my own take on the 40 bags in 40 days challenge. I plan to focus on different areas of my home, work space, digital storage, and so forth. Focusing on giving things I do not need or use to organizations that could put them to use/gain funding from them.
My hope is that this focus on donating / de-cluttering will also make for a better lifestyle/mindset for myself. I don't know about you, but clutter really ways on my mind even when I am away from it. So, hoping to shape things up a bit.

I touched base a bit more on my comparison goal here & my other two lenten resolutions here.

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