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Mar 27, 2017

This weekend was a quick one, but one that left my heart feeling full & content. 

Highlights =
+ Fish Fry - checked out a different local fish fry with the boyfriend and his family. Then headed to a local sports bar for darts and beer afterwards.
+ Cattleman Dinner + Dance - I love when my worlds collide and my family is at the same event as my boyfriend's family. This event was chop full of people that we both knew. We had such a good time socializing with everyone. It was the 5th annual for Lincoln County, but the first I had attended there. Definitely will be back! It's a fundraiser and they were able to provide 30k worth of scholarships to local students!
+ Sunday drives - running errands, hitting Starbucks, Prime Country radio (including Dixie Chicks), and sunshine.
+ New lavender plant - had to make a Home Depot run, so to me that means perusing the plant selection. Got a new lavender plant for my kitchen counter.
+ Another rustic ladder - Danny's uncle gave me an old ladder he had lying around in his shed, now it resides in my basement!

The week is off to a dreary start with a rainy Monday, but I have my book club happy hour tonight at Mona's. I'm excited to check this place out, I've heard great things and their Happy Hour runs all night on Mondays! Also, it's a short work week- taking off Friday to help decorate and prep for my friend Emily's wedding (#MuddMadness). My free time this week will be filled with speech writing (doh!), a mani/pedi and other fun prep.

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  1. I don't know what a Cattleman's Dinner is, but it sounds awesome!


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