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Apr 7, 2017

Oh, hey first Friday in April. A low-key weekend is ahead for me, much welcomed after last weekend's #MuddMadness wedding whirlwind. The weather is going to be sunny and in the 70's so I plan to be outdoors, doing housework/yard work, bbq-ing and who knows, maybe hitting a winery. I will see where the weekend takes me. On to the best of the week --

Best upcoming plans in April
Easter / Coloring Club / Cardinal's game with gal pals /Danny's Open Shouse{*see definition below} / All inclusive seats at a Cardinals game for work / A Mizzou Fundraiser Event / Trip to Pere Marquette
++ At the beginning of each month I want to start working my upcoming plans into my Friday Best posts. In the past, I compiled a Monthly Lineup post & love looking back at those-But now that I have a 5 To Try series, I feel it takes the place of that to an extent. So, instead I'll start jotting down my best upcoming plans for the month in this series. That way I can still reflect back on happenings.

Best farmhouse/thrift styling
Ummm can we talk about how fantastic every bit of the image above is?! I want it all! I found a very similar glass jug at Hobby Lobby this week on sale for $11!

Best helper
I have to brag on my Cattleman for a second.. I haven't cleaned my gutters since owning my home..
(20 months)-- I don't even own a ladder. #HomeownerFail
Well they were taking on a bit of a waterfall affect instead of draining down the downspout. So, when the Cattleman caught wind of this he stopped by after work this week and cleaned + rinsed them out- Now I am all set for April showers. Whew.

Best weekly finds

**A Shouse is a Shed + House. My boyfriend bought his farm ground a few years back and built a shed with living quarters in it. It's pretty common in the country, buy land build a shouse, later on build the forever home. Then you still have the big machine shed to work on things and store equipment later on. Well, he's throwing a party as a thank you to everyone who helped him with things during the building process (it pays to have friends that are carpenters, electricians, etc). So, instead of an open house party we are calling it an open shouse party. Looking forward to the fun!

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