2017 Intentions -- Monthly Household Tasks - Q2

May 9, 2017


One of my 2017 Intentions is to complete the designated household task that I pre-set for the month. I'm going to break down these tasks (and updates) quarterly on the blog to log my progress. It won't be pretty, it won't be earth-shattering - it will be real and it will make an impact on the state of my home (and mindset).

See :: Quarter 1 goals & also the links to all of the updates on progress here.
I was very successful in Q1 and just have a few living room tweaks to make still. Here's to hoping Q2 goes the same.

Quarter 2 Goals --

April -- (this was kind of a wash as I am posting after April is gone)

May -- Clean out the junk-room-soon-to-be-office
One room in my house is still the junk room, and it needs to be the office already. So, let's focus on making progress there. Yes, Jess? I don't have a strong grasp on how I want the office to look (Pinterest board here), but I definitely want it to be rid of junk (i.e. holiday decor, misc bags, paper goods, an unpacked box or two, etc) at least for the time being.

June -- Create basement storage
I have an unfinished room in my basement that is under utilized on it's storage potential. I want to get heavy duty shelving to store rubber totes of things here.

Simple enough. I would also like to focus a bit on outdoor landscape and maybe string some lights on my covered patio. So, let's do that too, yes?


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