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May 5, 2017

Man, this week has been a gloomy one here in St. Louis.. Rainstorm after rainstorm and lots and lots of flooding. I have been fortunate to be unaffected at my home or place of work. I had a short work week because of a getaway the cattleman and I had planned (more details below). Then I have just been embracing indoor time this week to get things done in my home -- meal prep, potting new plants and cleaning. Since it's the first Friday of the month, I'll start with the best upcoming plans and move into more bests that include meal prep ideas, horoscopes, plant ideas, and more --

Best upcoming plans in May 
Family wedding at the Lake of the Ozarks / Stella & Dot Party / Eric Church Concert / Mother's Day / Local wedding for the Cattleman's cousin / Memorial Day weekend at Indiana Dunes + One-Year Anniversary (on the 29th - Memorial Day)

Best plant suggestions
Loved this post from Joanna Gaines' blog about the Plants of Season 4 - Great styling ideas for all the plants as well. The image above is an olive tree from the post.
+ plants from the post I already have :: creeping Jenny (a fave!), snake plant (want more!), hoya, and I had vinca last year, but potted it, so I'd like get more and plant in the ground this year.
+ plants I have on my "to-buy" list :: olive tree, pilea, elephant bush, well and more vinca and snake plants.

Best quick adventure
The Cattleman and I had planned a 2 day getaway to Pere Marquette Lodge about a month ago -We were supposed to head there Sunday, but flooding had a major highway shut down near us, making travel pretty well impossible (a nuisance at best). So, we cancelled that stay (and hope to re-schedule when weather is nicer) and spent Sunday cozied up indoors watching movies and playing card games. Then, we kept our Monday off and adventured to Hannibal, MO for the day. We bummed around the Historic Downtown area and popped into antique stores, climbed the hill (244 stairs, the Cattleman took a fall because he was showing off and running) to see the lighthouse, checked out the views from above, went to Mark Twain Brewery for brews + lunch, and then hit some other stores in town.

Best read 
I finished The Woman in Cabin 10 (finally) and loved it. Definitely an easy, captivating read.

Best meal prep advice
I love following Lindsay's IG feed and blog- she always has the best looking (healthy) plates & meal prep ideas

Best weekly finds

Best monthly horoscope
It comes with a cocktail pairing! Mine is a French 75.

Best reminder
This comes from Natalie's 2017 Resolutions --
Let go. To truly live day-to-day, to think about tomorrow, tomorrow. I want to experience the present while it’s happening and not look back and wonder what I was feeling in that moment. Focusing more on letting life happen and being in each moment completely. To reduce worry so that I can see what is unfolding in front of me more clearly. This one is a big one.
This is something I continually focus on as well. A great reminder and goal.


  1. So glad you like The Woman in Cabin 10! This rain has been nuts, so glad the sun is shining today. Sounds like I need to check out Hannibal - Hermann is one of my favorites so that is our go to for a day like that, but think we will switch it up a bit!

    1. I did. Yes, both towns have a lot to offer and similar commute.

  2. So fun to find your space through the linkup! You shared lots of goodness here and tops is the plant info...totally going to help me out! I loved the Woman in Cabin 10...and I followed it up with Behind Closed Doors just in case you haven't read yet. Have a super weekend!


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