Rainy Day Rambles

May 3, 2017

It's rainy and gloomy in the St. Louis area..so much flooding is happening and many homes and businesses are affected. I have lots of posts drafted that I need to finish and share, but I just felt like typing up some quick rambles instead for now.  So, here are some random things I am thinking/doing/eating/planting/etc.

+ I got a DSW coupon for $20 off $49...so I may get these shoes I have been eyeing..Time to go wander.
+ so.much.rain.
+ Sudden loss- many of my close family members are left grieving a very tragic and unexpected loss of a loved one who died way too young. The story is gut-wrenching and my cousin (29) is now left as a widow with her 6 month son. My heart breaks for her and there are no amount of words to heal her wounds.
+ Chalkpaint projects -- so many thrifted goods I need to sit down and work on and gather ideas for. I have a new blush paint I am itching to try.
+ Reads - Ashley has been reading & recommending Colleen Hoover books on her IG feed, so I requested Maybe Someday from the library this week.
+ I meal prepped some egg muffins this week - so easy & so tasty. Trying to get back into the meal prep game.
+ Speaking of - making a few smoothies tonight  to work more veggies + fruits into my daily diet
+ Spring planting - I bought a few plants but life has been hectic so none have been planted yet. Hoping to pot around 4 plants tonight & when the weather is nicer, get 2 in the ground outside.
+ I need a dress for an outdoor wedding in 2 weeks...unsure how warm to dress. Something like this would be fun or I may wear this dress from my company holiday party..
+ I have so many items I need to post on Poshmark and I shipped out two things this week. I also have a stack of items in my dining room that need to head to Goodwill.
+ I've yet to post an April Intentions Progress or a May 5 to Try.
+ The Cattleman doesn't take many rest days and this weekend due to flooding I got a whole weekend of leisure time with him.
+ I am wanting to chop off about 6 inches of hair for a mid-length style.
+ trying to motivate and make up for lost time at work and make some extra money for Summer fun.
+ searching recipes for healthy breakfast muffins or protein bites.
+ wanting to make some lavender simple syrup again for my coffee & cocktails. [my favorite recipe in this post]
+ Remember the card game Speed? I love it and taught it to the Cattleman this weekend. Great way to spend some time and have lots of laughs.
+ Birchbox - I re-started my subscription..but I've yet to use anything in the last 2 boxes, so it may be time to suspend it again.


  1. I am LOVING those booties! Great dupe for the Vince Camuto ones!

    1. Yes, I am starting to wonder if I am too late in the season to get much wear out of them..but I guess they are great for Fall too.

  2. This rain / flooding is insane! Makes me so sad to watch the news! Kristin Cavallari's Balancing in Heels book has a oat ball recipe that my friend raves about - think they would be a good snack / protein option!

  3. Sorry about all the rain! I'm supposed to get it for the next few days I believe.

    I really need to find a way to use chalkpaint. I just love the idea of it.

    I need to read something by Colleen Hoover as well. I hear good things!


  4. you will love colleen hoover! her books are great.


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