Happy heavenly birthday, bud

Sep 15, 2017

Happy heavenly birthday, Stephen. That's what Mom has taken to calling it this year. She even mailed me a card with some goodies and even scattered joy to your pals. She has such a way of turning tears into smiles. She is truly an angel here on earth. I don't know how she finds the energy to remain so selfless and thoughtful amongst all of her own sadness and pain, but I am truly thankful God blessed us with her.

Man, how I wish so much that things were different. I'll never understand or fully grasp that this is our reality..some days it's okay and others it's unbearable. What I wouldn't give to spend some time with your goofy smiling, tall 6'8 self for a little bit. This picture certainly embodies that goofy smile + laugh of yours. Love you.

4 years. 

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