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Sep 21, 2017

Hey there friends, it's been a bit since I've done a hey there post where I write quick notes to misc places/things/topics/whatevers, and so I'm going to write a quick one today for this link-up.

hey there, work
things are going really well, staying busy and climbing to meet my goals. However, this week I am struggling to stay on task and be motivated.

hey there, Cattleman's new shed
I'm ready for you to be up and built already so my man has more time to devote to things besides construction..

hey there, weekend
come one already, this week has been blah + dragging

hey there, Three Sheep Shack
sales are starting to roll in for Fall & we are booking up a few events to attend

hey there, Karlee's farmhouse
how cute is her living room paired with our coffee coozie?!

hey there, Mexico
me and the cattleman are ready to jetset off for my 30th birthday in a month. bring on tropical scenes, cocktails and sunny days in the water.

hey there, Fall
I'm ready for your cooler temps, but not your nights of getting dark early

hey there, Poshmark
keep the sales coming! loving cleaning out my closets and making some extra cash!

hey there, Cattlman
You're cute and I'm missing you this week . Wishing we didn't have 60 miles between us in our relationship. Alas, that is our long-distance scenario.

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