Friday Best - 12.8

Dec 8, 2017

December is in full swing and it's the Cattleman's birthday weekend! We've got a birthday dinner at Sugar Fire tonight with his family (him and his momma share a birthday). Then tomorrow the birthday boy will be butchering with family for the majority of the day (their homemade sausage is so so good) - After that family "event" wraps up we plan to clean up and hit the town - whatever he requests! Then next week we both have a short work week and fly to Boston for my company holiday party! The whirlwind is in full effect & I love it all! Now on to this week's bests --

best tote
My pal, Emily, gifted me The Shop Forward tote for my birthday the 4 words she used were craft beer, succulents, farmers markets & iced coffee - It's so fun & so me! Check out the concept of the store & the cause it supports.

best tip (literally)
I saw someone on social media say this month with all their tips they are also including a scratch off - I love this concept and am picked up some to also do this for the remainder of the month! Love me some merry-making!

best visitor
St. Nick came this week and visited the Cattleman's shoes & my co-workers cubes. :)
update: he visited me too - I got two cream stockings from the Shack that I had wanted & other goodies

best plan
The Cattleman has a plan in the works for a CO trip in January. He wants to visit family & hit the National Western Stock Show - it's a bucket list item for him. So, we are planning and booking tickets this weekend! We also have some NYE plans in the works that we need to get tickets for - a local dinner + dance.

best weekly finds

I updated my shopping tab again too - lots of gift ideas!
Have a great weekend, folks!

(also, today marks post # 700!)

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